Camp America Staff

Each summer, Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri invites several members of Camp America, a cultural exchange summer camp staffing program, to join our camp team. This has been a long-standing tradition within our Council and I look forward to meeting our new additions to the Girl Scout family each year.

Currently, we have staff from England, New Zealand, Australia and Germany joining us throughout the summer. Camp America staff members offer our campers the opportunity to interact with young adults from the worldwide Girl Scout community and learn about their cultures.

All Camp America staff are screened through an application, interview and background check process by both the Camp America organization and Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.

By working with Camp America, our campers can closely engage with positive role models from other countries, greatly enhancing the educational value of the camping experience. Our American staff synergize with the Camp America participants, creating lifelong friendships.

Camp America helps us create a diverse, richer and more vibrant camp culture!