Equestrian Adventures!

There is nothing better than discovering the beauty of Camp Cedarledge atop a horse! It has been a busy first week of Resident Camp and our equestrian campers loved their time spent at the barn and on the trails.

This summer we have 35 horses at camp. Our experienced wranglers match each girl with the right horse for them so they develop their skills and grow their self-esteem. By the end of an equestrian session, girls truly develop a special bond and relationship with their favorite horses!

Each day the girls work on horse-care fundamentals, saddling, grooming and most importantly, riding! Riding at equestrian camps incudes both arena riding to learn basic and advanced riding skills, as well as trail riding to enjoy the beautiful scenery of camp.

Our wranglers love seeing how your girls progress and we hope they keep coming back summer after summer to strengthen and advance their equestrian skills!

From the barn,