A Special Tradition

Each week when a new Resident Camp session begins, it is Girl Scout tradition to light a campfire and come together as sisters to anticipate the exciting days ahead.

The opening campfire is a time for singing, bonding and friendships. The Girl Scout songs that are familiar to so many take on a special meaning when sung around a roaring campfire. The girls’ voices reach out into the hills of Cedarledge and up into the sky, while blending with the sounds of nature.

During this opening campfire, girls also take the time to examine their goals and aspirations for the week, share experiences or tell stories. The Girl Scouts get to know one another and leave the campfire that evening as friends.

In Girl Scouts, the flame of the campfire symbolizes the warmth of friendships, shared interests, common goals and the bonds of Girl Scouting that make girls one family across our Council’s jurisdiction.

The opening campfire is a ritual our counselors and campers hold very dear! When your camper returns home this weekend, ask them to describe the opening campfire to you. You will soon learn that wherever a Girl Scout camper goes, she’s always warmed by its glow.

Until next time,

Smiles and Happy