10 Questions to Ask Your Camper

After your Girl Scout returns from camp, it can be a special time to catch up and learn about her adventures. She will be bursting at the seams with fun stories, songs and wishes to return to camp as soon as possible. However, sometimes she won’t offer up much information right away, but keep persisting by bringing camp into the conversation and you will soon uncover more details about her week away from home.

Listen, don’t evaluate or jump in with your own stories. Let your Girl Scout own her experience and share the details she thinks are most important.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  1. Tell me about your week.
  2. What activities did you enjoy the most?
  3. What was your favorite part of camp?
  4. What was your least favorite part of camp?
  5. What challenged you?
  6. Other than dirty laundry, what are you coming home with?
  7. Tell me about the new friends you made.
  8. What were your camp counselors like?
  9. What was your favorite meal?
  10. Did you learn anything new about nature?

Also, when your Girl Scout is ready, go ahead and ask if she is interested in attending camp next year! We would love to have her back!


Smiles and Happy