Welcome to the Girl Scout Camp Blog!

The temperature is rising, school is letting out and an amazing summer at Girl Scout Camp is on the horizon! As Camp Director, I have the privilege of being the first person to move into camp each summer.  As I drive through the gate, the only sounds at camp are the wind rustling the leaves and the birds singing in the trees.

In a few hours, the Resident Camp Leadership Team will arrive and the sounds of camp will begin. Shouts of welcome to old and new friends, laughter, discussion and planning of camp activities.

As the rest of the staff arrives later this week, we will add the sounds of gaga practice, equipment being set up in each unit, horse hooves on the trail and splashing in the pool.  The sounds of camp increase as the excitement builds for the arrival of our first campers.

The sounds of summer are amazing, fun, friendship, activities and campfire crackles.  For these new few minutes, I will enjoy the quiet and the anticipation of another amazing summer.

See ya soon,